How It Works

We tried to make this as straight forward as possible!

  1. Select Your Size of Paper! Letter (8.5″x11″), Legal (8.5″x14″) or Ledger (11″x17″)
  2. Select Your Paper Stock
  3. Are there more than 1 sheet per set that you are trying to copy? If so enter the number here, else enter 1.
  4. How many sets are you needing? Enter that number next! (If it’s only 1 sheet per set this is the total number of copies you need.)
  5. Do you need it Color or Black & White? 1 Or 2 Sided? Select that here!
  6. Do you need it stapled (Letter/Legal) or folded/bound (Ledger)? That’s next!
  7. Select the PDF file from your computer that you need us to copy. (Need help saving to .pdf? We’ve got you covered with tutorials here!)
  8. Click Add To Cart
  9. Go to Checkout, register account, pay and your copies are in production!
  10. We call & email you that your orders are ready for pickup.
  11. You swing through and grab them! Curb side service is available!